Our Company’s fleet and freight rates

Would you like to get a list of the values of different Our Company harga ongkir? Below is a list of Our Company fleets that you can choose and use to meet your shipping needs. It is very attractive. We offer cost-effective systems for cars, vans and pickups with a capacity of 1000 kg or less. This fleet is right for your business if you have a catering business or a business that handles low quality products. We also offer fleets with payloads over 1000 kg, especially dowel vans, light body vans, heavy duty vans and tunnel vans for high volume and high-volume exports.

List of delivery companies

courier services

Our Company is, in fact, the most popular harga ongkir company that provides logistics services using technology in Southeast Asia, especially in Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand.Our Company freight forwarding is one of the courier companies in Indonesia that allows individuals It is a revolution in logistics when you can order a logistics company using only your cell phone, without having to search and contact them individually. By ordering a shipping checklist, you can contact the nearest driver who will pick up the package and deliver it to your vacation spot. This is not 2021 and all arrangements are made online. So, you can order, track your order and even cancel it at any time, wherever you are. It makes a lot of sense.

In December this year, Our Company launched its most popular load routing service in Java, Bali, Lombok and Sumatra. The value shipping load route service has become very trendy and Our Company freight forwarding was recently listed as one of the top logistics shipping companies in a leading logistics magazine. Their ranking is based on several key indicators, including fleets of all sizes, extensive coverage areas, inexpensive and clear price lists for services, and impeccable service quality.