Executive Protection Training With Integrity

This Report provides you with answers on the best way best to run executive protection EP with ethics based on superior protective services and with no integrity lapses. To be successful in the business you need to adhere to these principles. Your job as an EP agent whether employed directly or contracted by the business is not just about maintaining your principal from threats and preventing evils. It’s also about a commitment to core ethics values.

This means doing your Advance polls, conducting course analysis, performing rehearsals and dry runs, in addition to showing up early in your zone of functioning physically and emotionally ready. You should operate within the limits of the present EP industry norms.]


You job is to run A genuine work product essential for the well-being of your principle and the business you work for. You payroll or invoice price is an investment to the enterprise; it’s your responsibility to provide the protective benefits. To make certain that you are providing the business with a particular yield on the investment, arrive on your zone of operation ready for duty, not hangover or ill from overdrinking. Conduct all activities for the benefit of the group, stay low-profile while staying highly mindful of any dangers to your principal’s safety.

Never cut corners, Skip key protective procedure steps or participate with any unethical actions on and off the job. By no means do want to seem insensitive, but many countries abroad are awash of EP employees with deceptively Pacific West Academy agents. In certain nations agents often come from backgrounds which clinic shoddy or half-hearted advance function, taking bribes and utilize physically aggressive protective tactics. Make certain you utilize only reputable local nationwide brokers, trained in Western protective tactics and doctrines based on the principles of prevention and effective non-toxic protective practices. English should be the predominant language.

Clearly instruct the Local national agents in your team about your protective systems, principles and practices. Make sure they act professionally and do not play to rough. Stay clear of brokers, local national or who misbehave, play to rough, take part in unethical actions, commerce on the black market for gear or cut corners. Do not fall into these destructive career activities. Be an extremely effective agent, accountable for reducing threats to your main and prices to your enterprise. know you will. Keep safe and God speed.