Cyber Security Testing – What Goes On In Cyber Security Test?

Security penetration testing is A vital part of any organization’s information security provision. However many security controls you employ for your information, you will not ever know for sure how successful they are till you actively examine them by commissioning security penetration testing also called pen testing. In the course of security penetration testing, the tester will probe your organization’s computer and network defenses, and will then try to breach them with your consent , but without causing the damage that a malicious hacker may cause. The results are explained in a report that also contains recommendations for actions to fix some security loopholes in your own systems. To be able to get the most out of the evaluation results, it is essential to know about the overall pattern taken by a penetration test. Public sources of information are utilized to gather information regarding your organization’s presence. Standard tools are utilized to map your system in a non-intrusive manner, deciding the amount of computers and the network configuration.

Automated Red Teaming

This phase involves trying active connections to your own systems so as to discover information which may be exploited by hackers. This is the stage where penetration testing comes into its own, since the test demonstrates whether a hacker would have the ability to get access to your system. Having gained access, the tester now attempts to increase their access rights to the maximum level possible, to be able to figure out whether your system is vulnerable to this type of exploit. A hacker who succeeds in gaining high-level access would have the ability to wreak substantial damage on the systems. Moving into a much more active manner, the Automated Red Teaming process now covers the attempted theft of data. A skilled pen tester will try to cover tracks so the attack remains undetected, so as to demonstrate that this is possible, because a stealth assault is the most dangerous type. A further refinement is to make a back door that will make it easier to get your systems later on.

It is important to note that The more active stages of testing may disrupt the normal operation of networks, Leading to a certain quantity of denial of service. For this reason, some organizations prefer the security penetration testing to Stop short of those phases. Each pencil testing project should be covered by a Specific contract setting out what will or will not be attempted. In general, penetration testing should be carried out at regular intervals, and Certainly after major modifications to the computer system. Used correctly, pen Tests can be an indispensable help to your organization’s information security management system. If you business is important to you and you are watching following your organization’s reputation then do not risk it, visit to learn more about Network penetration test or wireless penetration test and make sure your organization’s security.